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Detectly monitors when your website or service is down

With Detectly, you'll be sure to get peace of mind to focus on what you and your company are good at.


Saturday, 24 February



Stripe payment is currently unavailable 😟 Your contacts have been notified, and we activated your web assistant 🕵️

We have your back

We’ll ensure your online presence, allowing you to focus on other tasks

Whether you're the company's biggest tech geek or barely dare to update your computer, there are more exciting things than checking the availability of your website and the essential services it uses. Let us take care of it and your customers – should the accident happen!

For the digital stores & ecommerce businesses

Keep the high conversion rate

Get notified if a payment provider or delivery service experiences errors and automatically alert your customers to choose an alternative with our web assistant.

Recommended integrations
QuickPay (Checkout)Klarna (Checkout)Stripe (Checkout)
Keep the high <strong>conversion rate</strong>
For the restaurateur

Keep an overview of the floor

If your booking system suddenly stops working, you must be notified immediately, as this can lead to increased pressure on the phone and lost customers who try in vain to book a table.

Recommended integrations
Keep an overview of the <strong>floor</strong>
For the small business owners & self-employed

Maintain a healthy relationship

It's about the good relationship with your customers - those who keep your business going. Make sure to be present where it truly matters.

Recommended integrations
Maintain a healthy <strong>relationship</strong>
For all companies

Your online assistant

We'll monitor whether your website is up and notify you as soon as it is unavailable. This also applies to your associated services (payment gateway, booking system etc.) which are vital for your online presence.

Recommended integrations
Your online <strong>assistant</strong>

Crashes happen. We’ve created a way to send instant messages that provide alternative solutions to the customers

Everyone experiences downtime - what matters is your response time

You ask. We answer.

We have collected the most frequently asked questions here; and the answers to them, of course!